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About Us

Kanebos, LLC has its company roots in Prague, The Czech Republic. In cooperation with local farmers there and the Czech Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals (ICPF), EU certified hemp is grown, processed, extracted and turned into crystallized 99% cannabidiol. Our presence in Colorado ensures a stable supply of product for our clients delivered from our wholesale vendor CBD Global, or dropshipped to locations around the world from the Czech Republic. All of our material is tested by the batch to ensure our clients receive the highest quality product on the market. We provide an extensive list of documentation from the EU certified seed purchase, through farming and organic licenses, to processing and quality control of the final product.

 Product Description 

Our 99% Purified CBD crystal is derived from EU licensed hemp seed stock, grown in the Czech Republic under Ministry of Agriculture law 167/1998 Sb. The hemp material is then processed and extracted using Pharma Grade alcohol by our partners at the Czech Academy of Sciences, The Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals.

CBD is supplied as a crystalline solid. Because of its lipophilic character, CBD is easily soluble in common organic solvents. To prepare the  solution for purposes of eliquids (PEG400) or tinctures (ethanol, oils), CBD crystals can be dissolved under gentle heating. To make dissolution more rapid ultrasonic bath and/or stirring can be employed. CBD solutions are prone to slow decomposition upon exposure to light and air.
Storage in dark and cold is therefore recommended.

Tech Sheet

We regularly test our product internally and with thirdparty Certified Analysis Labs. Our product is consistently shown to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, and far below accepted levels of residual solvents. The linked Technical Spec Sheet summarizes the results of our latest analysis.

CBD Techsheet

CBD Crystal CW Analytics

UCHP Relationship

The Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals (ICPF) is one of the six institutes constituting the Section of Chemical Sciences of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Institute functions as a center for advanced research in chemical, biochemical, catalytic and environmental  engineering and it acts as a graduate school for PhD. studies in the fields of chemical engineering, physical chemistry, industrial chemistry, and

CBD Global Relationship

Kanebos, LLC works closely with CBD Global to ensure our product is onhand for immediate delivery. Together we are also able to offer industry consulting services, extraction services and whitelabel product development.

CBD Global, LLC. (CBDG), is a pioneer in organic hemp cultivation, cannabinoid extraction, and global distribution. Established as the premier provider of wholesale phytocannabinoids and valueadd formulation services. CBDG provides the most diverse suite of products at the highest quality and service available. Located in South Denver, CO, CBDG and Kanebos have joined together to create our Seal of Quality to ensure commitment to providing products that are Tested for purity and quality, fully documented to provide a Transparent look into every process and control, all to build Trust with our clients and allow them to focus on their companies and product development.

Documents to Download

CBD Techsheet

Certificate of Analysis - A3269C

Certificate of Analysis - RS A3269C

CBD Crystal CW Analytics

CBD Buying and Transparency Guide


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